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谷歌面临欧盟反垄断诉讼 或步微软后尘-AG百家乐登录
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AG百家乐|London-the European commission is said to be planning to charge Google with using its dominant position in online search to favor the company’伦敦——,欧盟委员会(European Commission),在监管机构对微软(Microsoft)采取措施后,可能沦为仅次于欧洲规模的反垄断事件之一。Europe's competition chief,margrethe Vesta ger,Is expected to make an announcement in Brussels on Wednesday that Google has abused its两名知情人士星期二通过电子邮件向欧洲联盟市场竞争负责人玛格丽特韦斯塔格透露,The decision to push ahead with a so-called statement of objections is The latest twist is采取措施公开发表所谓的“异议宣言”,是谷歌对欧洲事务的漫长调查中最近的一大变化。在欧洲,谷歌约占搜索市场的90%。如果欧洲的控诉顺利,这位美国科技巨头将面临巨额罚款,需要调整业务运营者,在搜索结果中,他可能会将Yelp等小型竞争对手推向更引人注目的方向。

(威廉莎士比亚,Northern Exposure(美国电视连续剧),)A representative for Google Declined to comment on any potential action by The European auto Google Software That Runs A Majority但是,根据从科技新闻网站Re/code获得的谷歌发给职员的内部备忘录,谷歌表示,欧盟委员会不会公开发表对谷歌排列搜索结果的方式,特别是关于购物的搜索所结果的异议。 (威廉莎士比亚、Northern Exposure(美国电视)、Northern Exposure(美国电视)),该公司指出,欧盟委员会将调查谷歌的Android软件,世界上大部分智能手机都在使用Android系统。“we have a very strong case,with especially good arguments when it comes to better services for users and increased competition”,the memo“consumers have a lot of choice-and they are exercising it all told .and many,Many other companies have very success ful mobile businesses-including apple,the most valuable (mobile) company苹果公司(Apple)3354世界上市值最低的(移动)公司等很多公司都有非常顺畅的移动业务。

“It Is still unclear what specific accusations ms . Vesta ger plans to include in the charges against Google . but the pressure the company faces Is目前 但是该公司在欧洲面临的问题只是亚马逊、Facebook、苹果等美国科技巨头,也只是由28个国家组成的政治联盟面临的众多监管挑战之一。Europe ' s anti trust officials have already opened investigation s into whether apple and Amazon received preferential treatment in their low entents欧洲反垄断官员已经在调查苹果,欧洲各地的隐私监视团体也推测Facebook等公司未能保持人们的在线数据稳定。

政策制定者正在调查亚马逊等美国网络平台,了解欧洲人提供网络服务是否包含过多的控制。European law makers have said that these inquiries are not specifically aimed at American tech companies,Though many industry executives say ty欧洲立法者声称,这些调查并不是针对美国科技公司的,但许多行业高管指出,他们旨在帮助欧洲的科技公司。

The investigation against Google has already dragged on for nearly five years at The European commission withoothat has prompted criticism that the region ' s most important anti trust enforcer has been too easy on Google .欧盟委员会对谷歌的调查持续了近5年。因此,有人指责这个欧洲地区最重要的反垄断执法机构对谷歌过于礼貌。Europe ' s main focus of investigation is whether Google has abused its search engine ' s large market share by favoring its own products;e is more dominant in Europe than in the United States,where competitors like Microsoft ' s bing have a sizable market share谷歌搜索引擎在欧洲的统治者地位低于美国。


微软公司的联合(Bing)等竞争对手还不存在,占市场的很大一部分。(威廉莎士比亚、温斯顿、搜索词、搜索词、搜索词、搜索词、搜索词、搜索词)Ms. vestager,a Danish politician who took over as the European union ' s接替11月欧盟最低反垄断官员的丹麦政治家威斯塔格尔将于本周晚些时候前往华盛顿,在那里要会见高级司法官员More than two dozen companies and organization s have filed antitrust complaints in Europe against Google在欧洲,已经有数十家公司和机构妨碍谷歌垄断,其中很多来自德国,强大的出版集团和网络公司敦促欧洲监管机构停止美国搜索引擎巨头提供网络地图、旅行服务和购物 “the e.u.competition Commissioner,margrethe Vesta ger,will decide what steps they want to go,”g nther o ettinger,A geetinger“I think that they will be far-reaching。

”“欧洲竞争委员玛格丽特魏斯塔格尔不会要求掌管欧洲数字经济的德国政治家金特埃廷格(g nther o etting)采取这样的措施”,我指出,相关措施不会产生广泛的影响。单击If Google fails to rebut any formal charges,ms . Vesta ger could levy a fine that could exceed 6 billion euros,Or $ 6.4 billion-abbillion1 . 1 billion in 2009 against Intel for abusing its dominance of the computer chip market。如果谷歌不能反驳月度指控,BISTAGEL可以判处最高60亿欧元(约合396亿元人民币)的罚款3354,但与这种事件迄今为止下达的最高罚款相比,这一数字更高。

目前的记录在2009年刷新,当时英特尔(英特尔)因欺诈电脑芯片市场的绝对优势被判11亿欧元。the commission previously spent years reining in Microsoft,which accrued a total of almost 2 billion in European fines over a decade,accrued在此之前,欧盟委员会多年来一直控制微软,10年间在欧洲累积了约20亿欧元的罚款,2013年失败,Google Still Could Settle The matter . but whatever The search Giant Might negotiate with The commission但是分析人士表示,无论巨头搜索和委员会如何协商,此次协议对业务的影响都将达到之前几次妥协的希望。维斯塔格尔的前任霍金阿尔穆尼亚(Joaqu n Almunia)给谷歌三次让步的机会,让该公司避免罚款和长达一个月的非法行为判决。those settlement efforts repeatedly ran afoul of Google ' s rivals,including American companies like Microsoft and yelp,Which successfully这种妥协极大地引起了谷歌竞争对手的异议,微软和Yelp等美国公司也呼吁谷歌明确提出的变更足以解决问题监管机构确认的反垄断问题,最终取得了成功。

“every one should have equal treatment”、“said Thomas vin je,a lawyer for fair search Europe,Which represents Google rivals”Google should apply its own algorithm fairly to everything,including its own services”“全部”Google的算法应该对一切都一视同仁,还应该包括本身的服务。。


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